Journal Club

Journal Club meets Wednesdays at 4:00 pm in room 73-1080. We review the previous-week's postings on arXiv. Everyone is welcome. If you wish to participate, please post the title of your paper on the journal club page.




1410.5598 Lyman-alpha Forest Tomography of the z>2 Cosmic Web Yash
1410.3824v1 Sculpting the Stellar Cusp in the Galactic Center Alexander
1410.5732v1 Radial velocity measurements of the pulsating zirconium star: LS IV−14◦116 Katerine
1410.1884 Detection of Galactic Center source G2 at 3.8 μm during periapse passage David M
1410.2716 AGN torus emission for a homogeneous sample of bright FSRQs Davide L