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Sukanya Chakrabarti

Sukanya Chakrabarti
School of Physics and Astronomy
Rochester Institute of Technology
84 Lomb Memorial Dr., Rochester, NY

Welcome! I received my Ph.d. from UC Berkeley and held postdoctoral positions at Harvard and UC Berkeley before coming to RIT. My work centers around the dynamical evolution of galaxies, with the goal of developing astrophysical probes of fundamental physics. I work on galaxy evolution by performing hydrodynamical simulations combined with radiative transfer calculations.

I use dynamical signatures of interactions to characterize galaxies that are too dark to be easily seen, and their emitted spectral energy distribution (from the optical to the IR) to characterize galaxies from the panoramic sequence of normal spirals to ULIRGs. You can take a look at various press articles on my work (see for instance the BBC and Telegraph articles), or dive right into the papers.

Here are some recent press articles on the discovery of Cepheid variables at 90 kpc that corroborates a prediction for a dark-matter dominated dwarf galaxy that I made several years ago: Scientific American , Sky and Telescope , NBC News .