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I am a member of the Committee for the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA). As part of our strategic plan, we are conducting a demographics survey to assess tenure and promotion for women across the country, paying particular attention to individuals at the intersections of multiple identities.

At RIT, I have been working with the Women in Science group and with the ADVANCE team. We have invited several women speakers to provide their perspectives and advice on improving the climate in academia, notably Kathryn Johnston and Priya Natarajan.

Below are some notes from activities at UC Berkeley and Harvard that I was involved in to increase and support diversity.

WIS-Chats: Informal Chats With Visiting Women Speakers

Here's your chance to ask women scientists about their career paths, get advice on how to give talks, suggestions on how to negotiate faculty positions, how to successfully deal with the two-body problem, among other things! Past WIS-Chats speakers (at CFA) include Andrea Ghez, Martha Haynes, Penny Sackett, and Shardha Jogee. WIS-Chats speakers at Berkeley include Lisa Kewley, Eve Ostriker, Maryam Modjaz, Barbara Ercolano and Jenny Greene.

Notes from Workshop on Getting Faculty Positions:

Notes from the workshop on "Getting Faculty Positions" are posted here.

Earlier Workshops

Workshop for Undergraduates Hosted by Sukanya Chakrabarti & Erik Rosolowsky (Summer 2006). Informal Workshop on July 17th in Philips Auditorium from 12-1:30 pm. Powerpoint presentations giving info on how to apply successfully to grad school, including info on REUs, GRE prep, and filling out grad school applications.

Workshop for Beginning Graduate Students and Undergraduates Hosted by Sukanya Chakrabarti,Karen Masters, and Cara Rakowski. Fall 2006. Notes from this workshop are posted here .

Here are some useful links on REUs and advice for grad school applicants: Jennifer Hoffman's page on REUs gives a list of programs across the country. The Society for Women in the Physical Sciences (SWPS) at Berkeley maintains an excellent page on everything from graduate fellowships, REUs, to the chemical elements. Check out also Julie Comerford's page on REUs. And Jane Rigby's site on tips for grad school applicants.

Check out the CFA Women in Science Group . Here are some other sites that I've found useful: AAS Committee on the Status of Women , AASWomen Newsletter .